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About us

A silverback is a mature gorilla male, so called because of the distinctive silvery fur growing on their back and hips. Gorillas’ natural habitats cover tropical or subtropical forests in Africa. Each mountain gorilla family has a silverback who serves as the family’s protector and main decision-maker. This is precisely what USILVERBACK offers. To act as Your Silverback on the African continent, protecting your organizations’ interests above anything else.

The Company

Operating since 2014, USILVERBACK is a corporate advisory and investment company supporting the market entry and ongoing successful business development of international organizations in Africa. USILVERBACK works with its clients, through every step of their journey, acting as their local, on-the-ground support partner. The firm combines sector expertise and technical resources with practical local advice to deliver low risk and cost-effective solutions, enabling foreign companies to reach their full potential in Africa. USILVERBACK is dedicated to excellence this means a high standard in the services they offer and a committment to the highest international corporate governance standards.

The Team

USILVERBACK has been managed since its inception by its founder Didier Fatio, who has been living in Africa for several years. He can rely on a solid knowledge of the continent, with an extensive professional experience in the business development field. In addition to this, he is familiar with the global markets in general and more specifically with the financial sector in Europe, where he was active as former management member in some of the most renown Swiss banking corporations.

The capabilities of USILVERBACK extends beyond the managing team, the firm is connected with highly qualified partners to ensure in-depth industry knowledge and a broad geographical reach.



In order to respond best to the needs of our partner organizations, we are organized into two main business fields: Advisory and Holistic Project Management.


Our advisory segment provides a wide range of top quality and value for money market intelligence services primarily in Western & Eastern Africa. The advisory assignments include for instance market entry feasibility study, competitive intelligence, sourcing, distributor or agent search, consulting at foreign direct investments or mergers & acquisitions, legal and economic analysis and help with negotiations or any other business services or support that a company might require in order to enter the market or gain reliable information.

Holistic Project Management

This is a continuation of the Advisory activity, where the selected projects will be taken up in phases through the implementation route. We often secure a significant stake in the venture’s share capital, look for financing and execute its management tasks on a long term basis. USILVERBACK will dedicate all required resources to guarantee an impeccable project plans execution and make sure the project deliverables and objectives meet the stakeholders’ expectations.



USILVERBACK is primarily focusing on one of the most promising sectors on the African continent, which represent a great sustainable potential not only for the organizations involved but also for the society as a whole, namely the Agricultural & Food value chain.

Agri & Food

Africa’s agricultural potential is massively larger than its current output, and so are its food requirements. While more than one-quarter of the world’s arable land lies in this continent, it generates only 10 percent of global agricultural output. USILVERBACK is stepping up efforts on the ground to capture this huge potential for growth and transform it into tangible and scalable business opportunities for its stakeholders.

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